Tell Me Again Why I Can’t Stay Home to Play with My New Kitty?


Meet Maeve, the newest member of our little family.

We adopted Maeve on Saturday. We went to a kitty foster home to visit with eight kittens, but then the woman brought out this little girl, and I fell in love. She’s 1 year old instead of a kitten, but I was helpless to resist those random spots and sweet blue eyes.


We spent most of the weekend trying to get her settled, while also making sure Sense (our other cat) didn’t feel like he was being replaced. Sense is a very jealous cat, and for the first three years of my relationship with Tom, Sense really did not like me. Before Tom and I lived together, if we were even holding hands while sitting on the couch at Tom’s apartment, Sense would attack my head. This happened more times than I can count. It’s taken years of kitty kisses, belly rubs, and being his primary feeder for him to finally warm up to me. It took also took Sense over a year of living with Lenny (R.I.P.) before they eventually became best friends, but it only took a couple of hours for Sense to fall in love with Maeve too.

We’ve been keeping them separate during the day and at while we’re sleeping, but last night we let them mingle together in the evening so they could get some face-time and we could keep an eye on them. After several hours of sniffing each other, running around, and Maeve eating all of Sense’s food, Tom and I were able to sit on the couch with both kitties while they slept. Kitty parenting achievement unlocked!


This morning while I tried to get ready for work, Maeve walked all over my vanity, played with every earring that wasn’t tied down, and tried to snuggle on my lap, which made it very difficult to put on my makeup or do my hair. Look at that face! You can almost hear her saying “Please don’t go to work today!” I looked at her and telepathically told her, Well Little Miss, unfortunately staying home to play with your cat, no matter how cute she is, is not a valid excuse to stay home from work.

I promptly finished getting ready, went to work, and took my lunch break at home with my cat, like an adult.

This week of Valentine’s Day has been a week of love every way you look at it in our house. This will be Tom’s and my first Valentine’s together as a married couple, and we will be celebrating by welcoming a new kitty to our home <3