A Snow Day with Maeve (and Tom)

Another nor’easter here in Massachusetts today. This is our third snow storm in so far in March, and we’re not even halfway through the month yet! This storm is also the hardest hitting one so far this year. We probably got close to 16″!

As much as I hate the snow, I have to admit it looks beautiful from inside the house at least. It’s when I have to go outside and shovel it that I get grumpy. It’s that kind of storm that drops fat clumps of flakes that fly sideways in the wind. The bark on the trunks of the trees are caked.


I decided to take advantage of the lack of construction happening today, and take a snow day with Tom and the kitties.

It’s been quite a productive day so far! I painted my nails, listened to my Frank Turner album, and tried out the pore un-clogger I purchased, and proceeded to give myself tiny little hickies on my chin and nose from the suction.


Trying to cover this up tomorrow morning before work is sure to be hilarious!

The cold water handle on the faucet in our upstairs bathroom stopped shutting off today. That was a fun little surprise! The hot water shutoff still works for hand-washing, but I will likely be going downstairs through the construction zone for teeth brushing until we can get that fixed.

After coming inside from finishing shoveling, I bundled myself up in my fuzzy onesie with the pompom earsĀ and slippers, and sat down to start writing this post. Look what I found under my desk:


Maeve is basically Ariel.


Now I know what she did for nine hours while she was locked in the office yesterday! The cat plays with everything she finds that she can carry in her mouth, and she stashes her favorites in little tucked away corners all over the house. The cat toys we bought her when we first adopted her disappeared in the first week she was in the house. I happened upon her first hiding spot in my closet, under my hanging clothes, but that one only consisted of a the above kitty toy and a hair tie. Can I also point out that those stud earrings split up at least a year ago, and here I find them together? And she placed one on the ledge there? She’s such a little weirdo, and I’m completely in love!

Demo day for the kitchen was yesterday, and man, did they get a lot done:


To give you a little context, the door with the stupid frog knocker is the bathroom. The space next to it will be our pantry. Our fridge is in our former living room, behind plastic. Oh, and hey there rotted out sub-floor and creepy little American flag on a toothpick!

Well, I’m off to re-heat a grocery store meal in the microwave that currently resides in our bedroom. Stay safe and warm!

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