Adulting in Ireland: Featuring a Tiny New Sidekick



Sometimes life’s changes come in dribs and drabs, and other times they fly at you all at once. Being a serious planner myself, I try to plan as much of my life as I possibly can, but inevitably, there are some changes even I wasn’t able to anticipate.

Our big life changes are…

  1. We’re having a baby girl
  2. We’re moving to Dublin, Ireland

We planned the baby part. We knew that we wanted to have ~2 years together as a married couple before we started a family. During those 2 years we traveled to a lot of places we had never been before (Jamaica, Iowa, Bar Harbor, Denver, Niagara Falls, San Francisco, Blue Ridge Parkway, Charleston) and spent a lot of time fixing up our house (that winter kitchen reno was a doozy) (PS: I will do a kitchen reno update post, I promise!). We started trying in April, I was pregnant by May, and found out I was pregnant early June. That happened much more quickly than either of us expected.

Tom was first contacted by a recruiter for a potentially amazing job opportunity shortly thereafter. He had been in his previous job for 13 years and had been unhappy for a while. I encouraged him to respond to the recruiter for interviewing experience, if nothing else. He interviewed for a couple of weeks before they asked him to fly to Dublin for an in-person interview over 4th of July weekend, and they flew me out as well. We fell in love with the city and the opportunity presented was even more amazing than we expected. It was quite literally an offer we could not refuse! He accepted the offer that Sunday.

Life has been a complete whirlwind since then. We’ve been getting the house and cars ready for sale, giving away/selling/donating most of our possessions, and trying to set up as many details for the move as possible, while I’ve been simultaneously managing those lovely pregnancy symptoms that have been consuming my first trimester. The term “morning sickness” is so cute; it implies that it only lasts through the morning.

What my life will look like in Dublin is still a bit up in the air. After Tom and I obtain official Irish social security numbers, we can open a bank account. Then, I’ll be working with a realtor to figure out our housing arrangements (like real-life House Hunters International!) and get a handle on where we can buy groceries, how to get our regular bills set up, etc.

In terms of a career, the world is my oyster! Today is my first weekday not working, and it feels really weird, but I have big plans. I’ll finally be able to devote more time to this blog, and I’m also hoping to start a career doing something I’m passionate about. I have been collecting ideas for short stories and a couple of children’s books over the last couple of years and since starting this blog, I’ve wanted to delve into some of my passions: traveling, baking, and reading. I’ve had all these ideas swirling around, but when I got home from work on a weekday, or had a free weekend, I found the need to recoop from work was greater than my ability to be creative. I’m excited to be able to devote more of my daily brain power to creative endeavors.

In between the craziness and exhaustion that has been my life for the last month, I’ve been trying to spend time with as many family and friends as possible before we move. I’ve never seen so many of the people I love in my life in such a short period of time, and it has really made me realize just how lucky I am. Everyone has been so loving and supportive overall that it has been really difficult to walk away from all those humans, and that aspect has been hitting me harder than anything. It’s been tough coming to terms with how many the amazing relationships in my life will change, and many of those relationships will be difficult to maintain.

During this emotional time I’ve been making an effort to be honest about my feelings, and make sure the people I will miss the most know how much I will miss them and what they mean to me. In between playing the “Bring/Ship/Donate/Give-Away/Throw-Away” game with all of our belongings, I have plans to see as many of my favorites as possible before we leave (exact date still TBD).

Stay tuned for updates on the move, and later, life in Dublin!


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